Schematic of Microseismic Migration Microseismic migration and novel velocity calibration method
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Microseismic and Seismic Tomographic Imaging Software

Graphical output from Semore Seismic's Divine Software

Data courtesy of Geothermal Explorers Ltd

Semore develops and licences the microseismic and active seismic imaging package, Divine and provides microseismic services. Semore has over 20 years of microseismic processing development and application experience in fraccing and geothermal applications.

Divine can handle data from all the major service companies and borehole tools enabling you to QC processed data or perform your own processing and modelling.

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Microseismic Services

Photo of field with survey equipment
  • Vertical, horizontal and inclined array frac processing
  • Zipper frac processing
  • Multi-well and network array processing
  • Re-processing
  • On site realtime monitoring
  • Bootstrap proprietary auto location
  • Network design resolution/sensitivity analysis
  • 3D dipping layer ray trace models
  • 3D TTI anisotropic model derivation
  • Clustering fracture analysis
  • 3D Migration

Semore offers a fully independent processing and survey design service based on our proprietary software and extensive experience covering on-site realtime data acquisition and processing, near time processing off site and re-processing of legacy data. We specialise in difficult data sets with unusual configurations, velocity and picking/hodogram problems.

The key to consistent and reliable results has been found to be a combination of careful trace interpretation, an appropriate velocity model and accurate group orientation. This typically requires detailed manual QC of the traveltime and hodogram data, 3D dipping layer anisotropic velocities and a constant combination of P and S times/hodograms that minimises the noise in the solution.

Borehole Seismic Services and Seismic Rental Equipment

Photo of field with survey equipment

Engineering Borehole Seismic

Crosshole and downhole engineering seismic surveys for elastic parameter derivation and void detection to ISRM/ASTM standards. Specialist intermediate depth crosshole tomographic imaging at up to 250m depth.

Rental Equipment

High output P wave borehole sparker seismic source and 24 level hydrophone string for tomographic velocity imaging to 250m.

24 level hydrophone string 24 level hydrophone string Various wireline tools and equipment Various wireline tools and equipment
Sparker borehole seismic source Borehole sparker. 250m depth