Rental Tools for Crosshole Seismic Tomography

Low Temperature Hydrophone String

Low Temperature Hydrophone String

  • Active piezo polymer hydrophones
  • Sensitivity 316V/Bar including x10 downhole gain
  • Dimensions. 38.0mm max. OD
  • Number of sensors, 24
  • Sensor spacing, 2m
  • Cable, moulded polyurethane
  • Lead in. 354m
  • Cable termination. 2 x Canon NK27
  • Bandwidth 7Hz to 4.7kHz
Sparker Seismic Source

Borehole Sparker Seismic Source

  • Output approximately 1.5 Bar metres
  • Dimensions. 89mm OD, length 0.7m
  • Energy 2.5kJ at 5000V
  • Cable length 300m max
  • Cable termination. Permanent O ring fixing


  • Schlumberger PEH-A 10 pin cablehead with coarse thread ring
  • Calibrated hydrophone
  • 1" ball hydrophone
  • Kemo analogue filters